Conservation and Restoration

ERA's Projects Area integrates a technical team of Conservation and Restoration focused on the intervention in sites, sets or historical and archaeological elements, from the level of diagnosis of the state of conservation and restoration project, to the level of direct intervention on heritage elements. We believe that it is from a strong and dynamic interconnection between these two levels of action that the most consistent projects emerge.

Our scope is to acquire a deep knowledge of heritage elements, to understand their evolution and environmental setting, starting from their historical characterization, identification of the materials used in their construction, construction techniques  and detectable pathologies with their respective intensities, causes and consequences. With this objective we use tools of analysis, record and study, such as the graphic survey and the mapping of realities. Definition, evaluation and implementation of heritage restoration projects and strategies, considering current concepts and techniques and trying to relate as many factors as possible to reach the best solutions for the intended goals.

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