Survey of Structures

Topographic and Remote Sensing

ERA has wide experience in carrying out topographic and architectural surveys.

Among the actions in this area of expertise are:

- Structure Survey
- Integration of surveys in GIS
- Aerial mounted LiDAR, photogrammetry, multispectral and thermal photography
- Geophysics surveys (magnetic and GPR)
- Connection to the National Geodesic Network
- Piqueting
- RTK topographic devices (EDM, GPS) connected to the National Geodesic Network with coordinates conversion to the various national and international systems

- Consulting
- Monitoring
- Transfer of coordinates to the various national or international systems
- Archaeological drawing - recording of archaeological contexts (structures, deposits, interfaces)
- Manual and digital drawing of archaeological artifacts
- At the level of computer-aided design, processing, and transposition to digital support of all drawings made (CAD)
- Technical drawing - architectural and topographic surveys
- Printing execution in different scales

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