16/03/2022 - "Echoes From the City of the Dead", a production by ERA for the Lisbon City Council

The documentary "Echoes From the City of the Dead", produced by ERA for the Lisbon City Council, premieres on 30 March. Directed by Raul Losada, it is a journey into the past, looking at how death was experienced and integrated into everyday life in Olisipo, the Roman Lisbon.

This is yet another innovative and far-reaching project with which we continue to pursue our vision of disseminating our archaeological heritage. For the benefit of all citizens and the heritage itself.

Also noteworthy is the animated 3D recreation by César Figueiredo. The premiere is scheduled for 30 March, at 9 pm, at the São Jorge cinema in Lisbon.


Watch the trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6FvI5-aK_A

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